Why Mothers Don’t Make the Best Matchmakers (But We Do)


Mothers don’t always know what’s best, especially when it comes to matchmaking.

Finding the right person can be hard and so it may be tempting to give in and let your mother do it for you. After all, she cooks good food, she provides a lovely home, and she taught you how to wipe your nose. So, by extension, she should be perfectly suited to finding you true love. While this is a nice idea, there are a few problems with letting your mother loose on your love life. Moreover, there are several reasons why Perfect Partners should be your matchmakers instead.

Good Press vs Bad Press

While it is true that should not believe everything you read in a newspaper, a wise person will take a hint when a collection of newspapers say the same thing. And the idea of mothers being matchmakers has definitely been called into question by more than a few publications. The New York Times refers to “backlash” and “drawbacks” to this kind of matchmaking. However, CNN is more critical and asks if the process is “Embarrassing? Overbearing? Annoying?” and it may well be all three. Mothers may deserve some say in your love life, but the idea of them be too heavily involved has its critics for a reason. Professional matchmaking services, on other other hand, have seen some pretty good press recently from The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Journal.

Love is Complicated. Don’t Make it More Complicated!

Love is many things to many people on many different days, and adding parents into that mix can get confusing. Psychologist and journalist, David Allen MD, claims that parents giving advice to their adult children involves the subtle art of “metacommunicating. His opinion is that, due to the nature of the relationship, parents and children can never have a proper, adult conversation about advice. Even if the conversation seems to be going well, the child will inevitably see parental advice as commanding and the parent will inevitably feel slightly betrayed by a child who ignores their advice. Allen then dwells upon how adding relationships to this psychological minefield only serves to make things more complex. Perfect Partners are different. They pride themselves on simplicity. So if two people should be together, then they will.

Any mother would be happy with the highly rated matchmaking skills of Perfect Partners!

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“As you know, I had been very reluctant to get back out into the dating world following the break-up of my marriage. But I can honestly say that you made it exciting and really very enjoyable. I couldn’t wait to meet the people you thought I might like (and you were always right) and I began to look forward to the adventure and the romance (which didn’t always happen but I had fun). Now I have found Mary and I’m very grateful to you for that.”

Jonathan, 41

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