TDs trust matchmakers

Just before Christmas one lonely-hearted TD enlisted the help of a matchmaker to help find the love of his life.

About one in four adults is single and many of them are turning to online dating websites or matchmakers to find love. Online dating can be expensive, despite the apparent “free” memberships they promote. Online dating is good if you’re happy to trawl through the dozens or even hundreds of possible matches.

If you’re not, then go for a matchmaker like PerfectPartners who will do all of the work, the screening and initial meeting for you.

That’s what an Irish TD did recently. Read his story here

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“I was anxious, and I admit very skeptical, about joining PerfectPartners and perhaps meeting someone new, particularly as I have (a daughter) Jessica to consider but you did it. I don’t know how you realised it, but Paul is perfect for me. We spend a lot of time together and never seem to stop talking! Jessica really likes him too so thanks a million Bill.”

Andrea, 35