So you’d like to meet your love in Silicon Valley?

Of course, there’s a matchmaker who can help you. But it will cost you…

Michael Ralston is a successful software designer, but that hasn’t always translated to confidence in his dating life. Challenged by “real-world” interaction, he tried online dating, but didn’t have much luck. So one day he approached a matchmaker in Palo Alto, California.

A self-described “love concierge” the matchmaker took him shopping, got him a haircut, and ran him through mock pre-date phone conversations. It’s the sort of thing the “love concierge” charges up to $100,000 for. PerfectPartners may not charge anything like that, but something tells us we probably have a better success rate.

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“Grace and I are now engaged! Thank you so much for finding her for me. It’s like we were made for each other and I wonder what on Earth I did without her for all of those years! It was a worry because, as you know, I did not want to be in the public eye. I know society has moved on a lot but as a teacher I really couldn’t stand it if any of the kids I teach found an online profile for me. Your personal introductions were absolutely perfect – discrete and carefully handled. Thanks again – your invite is in the post!”

Darragh, 32

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