A Matchmaker’s Guide to Married at First Sight


As Dublin’s leading professional matchmaking service, we at Perfect Partners have our own view on Channel 4’s latest offering

The premise of Married at First Sight is that two people who have just met can get married, but we at Perfect Partners disagree. The idea is that, after a series of questionnaires, a panel of people can create six potential matches out of 1,500 applicants. The producers then arrange for the couple to get married, and they bride and groom meet each other for the first time at the altar. Despite what they claim, Channel 4 have not found the secret to love.

Matchmakers know that love should not be reduced a TV show

The whole premise of taking a group of people who are looking for love and sensationalising it for television cheapens the whole experience. Marriage is not an evening’s worth of light entertainment. It’s a lifetime commitment, and the decision making process for entering into that commitment should not be dictated by the restraints of television.

In the US version of the show, one woman found herself in a violent and abusive marriage with new husband Ryan De Nino. She then sued the show’s producers with her lawyer claiming that they “knew about De Nino’s volatile nature yet cast him anyway to add sensationalism to the series”. The sad fact is that the producers of the show are more interested in “good characters” and “good telly” rather than good marriages. As anybody who has sat through a badly acted soap will know, television drama and real love are not the same thing.

Matchmakers know that love should not be rushed

Finding true love is a long and beautiful process, and at Perfect Partners we guide you through every step of the way. Dates turn into second dates, second dates into third dates, third dates into fourth dates, and all of this takes time. The makers of Married at First Sight are right when they say that relationships are built on things like shared interests, shared attitudes, and a shared personality. We use the indicators ourselves in order to match people.

However, as writer Richard Wright knew, relationships are also built on shared experiences: the first coffee you had together, the time you spilt red wine on her white dress, and the way he smiled at you when you straightened his tie at your sister’s wedding. These shared experiences create a shared memory, a shared history, and a shared idea of “us”. Cutting all that out of a relationship and jumping straight to the marriage is like cutting the roots out from underneath a huge oak tree and expecting it to stay standing.

Married at First Sight have got matchmaking all wrong

The Twitterstorm reacted badly to married at first sight calling it “ridiculous”, “cringeworthy”, and “unscientific”, and the reason for this is most probably due to the show’s awful interpretation of “matchmaking”. The show’s liberal use of the word “science” was an embarrassment as it attempted to match people for life based on information alone. At Perfect Partners, we recognise the importance of the information our clients give us. However,we also recognise the importance of dating and sticking with our clients for as long as it takes. This is where Marriage at First Sight fails. Their obsession with just facts and figures is precisely why scientists are so critical of the online dating industry. Matchmaking is not about who can get married the fastest. Matchmaking is about finding lasting love by allowing people to fall for each other in their own way and at their own pace.

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