1) Turn off your phone . It's just rude for a date to be interrupted by a ringing mobile phone. Give the person the respect they deserve by turning it off whilst on the date.

2) Arrive on time. Arriving late immediately gets your date off to a bad start. Make sure you are early as it shows that you care enough about the date to make sure that you are on time.

3) Be Presentable  Shower before your date . Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled.

4) Make sure your date is not a movie. Going to the cinema makes a terrible first date because it does not allow you to interact with your date.

5) Engage the other person  The best type of talking you can do on a date  is where your sentence ends with a question mark.It's important for the other person to feel that you are interested in them and that comes from asking questions on the date. When you just talk about yourself ,you come across as self-absorbed. Come up with several questions and conversation topics prior to the date.Use the other person's profile to help you with topics.

6) Be Confident   From the moment you meet your date it's important to project " confidence" even if you are not normally a " confident" person. People are naturally attracted to confidence.

7) Learn to Listen  When your date is talking , listen carefully in order to come up with " cues" for more conversation topics. Slightly lean forward when your date talks and don't cross your arms. A person crossing their arms is showing signs of boredom.

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“While I haven’t found my ‘Perfect Partner’ yet I just wanted to thank you both for doing everything you have done for me so far. I’ve met some really lovely men and I have no doubt that I’m about to find my soul mate, finally, with your help. I particularly appreciate the encouragement and hope you give me and the fact that I always feel like you guys are behind me all the way. X!”

Niamh, 50