The Difference Between Matchmaking and Online Dating

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Browsing through profiles and shaking hands with your own personal cupid are two very different services.

The dating industry has been on the rise for many years, and since the shady beginnings of the first online dating site 20 years ago, it has now developed to a point where there is a clear difference between online dating websites and bespoke professional matchmaking.

You are Treated as a Person, not as a Statistic

Perfect Partners is a matchmaking service, which means that it works very differently to the hundreds of dating websites that you see online.

Online dating websites work by collecting all of the information you give them and then feeding this into an algorithm. These algorithms then spit out a list of potential matches and you are invited to read their profile. Yet the fact is that many people who have studied these algorithms have scientifically proven that they do not work.

We are a matchmaking service, rather than a dating website, because we believe that romance is something that can’t be found through an algorithm.

Matchmaking services believe in treating people like people. When you sign up to Perfect Partners, the first thing that you’ll do is have a meaningful face-to-face conversation with one of our expert matchmakers. We’ll then select a perfect date for you with somebody suitable, based on the results of the conversation.

Matchmaking has been Proven to Work

Online dating has only been in existence since 1995 and during this time, it has not been proven to work. Matchmaking, by contrast, has existed since time immemorial. For as long as humans have met each other and fallen in love, there have been matchmakers. Sometimes these come in the form of families and sometimes these come in the form of friends who are really good at fixing people up. Professional matchmaking is simply the next logical step.

There are no Hidden Tricks to Matchmaking

Amy Webb is an author and digital strategist who delivered a TED talk on how she had to ‘hack’ online dating in order to make it work for her. She described how she used spreadsheets, data analysis and psychology in order to get what she wanted from online dating websites. Yet, not all of us are as good with numbers as Amy is, and this should not be something that holds us back. The criteria for finding love should not be how well you can interpret figures.

By contrast, matchmakers are reassuring conversationalists who devote their time to getting to understand you and what you want, what you need and who is right for you. The service you get in return means that you can spend your time going on dates rather than staring at Microsoft Excel for the answers.

Don’t leave love to maths and chance. Find your Perfect Partner today!

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“Grace and I are now engaged! Thank you so much for finding her for me. It’s like we were made for each other and I wonder what on Earth I did without her for all of those years! It was a worry because, as you know, I did not want to be in the public eye. I know society has moved on a lot but as a teacher I really couldn’t stand it if any of the kids I teach found an online profile for me. Your personal introductions were absolutely perfect – discrete and carefully handled. Thanks again – your invite is in the post!”

Darragh, 32

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