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Love is a thing that many people expect to just happen. You just wake up one day and BAM you’re in love- but with that theory comes an element of chance, a certain aspect of “right place, right time”. Which leads us to believe that these people who believe that love just happens to you without your knowing, did not expect it to happen. They did not have a feeling of certainty.

So what can be done to make love more, predictable, in the best sense of the word?


Bill Phelan and his team of matchmakers have done just that. Perfect Partners dating agency, take the time to really get to know people on an individual basis, understanding ones makeup and what really makes them tick. Therefore finding that perfect person who would complement your personality as well as someone who shares your dreams and ambitions. 

Taking the chance out of love, by no means removes the romance and mystery- The two are not mutually exclusive. How exciting do you think it would feel to have an expert tell you that they have found your ‘one’, that one other person who is your perfect partner! Well Bill’s Dating Agency, Perfect Partners, knows that feeling and they have been helping hundreds of people, share that joy with their clients for many years.


How do you know that you are ready for love?

  1. You long for a partner to in you in your adventures
  2. If you met the opposite version of you, you would 100% like them right away
  3. You realise your flaws and that other people have then too
  4. You look at other relationships and tell yourself that you want that too



Bill is Ireland’s highest respected matchmaker and he is also the founding member of The Association of Irish Introduction Agents, therefore delivering a first class service to his clients.


If you are interested in finding out more about how Perfect Partners Dating Agency can help you simply click here or call 01 235 1020 

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“Grace and I are now engaged! Thank you so much for finding her for me. It’s like we were made for each other and I wonder what on Earth I did without her for all of those years! It was a worry because, as you know, I did not want to be in the public eye. I know society has moved on a lot but as a teacher I really couldn’t stand it if any of the kids I teach found an online profile for me. Your personal introductions were absolutely perfect – discrete and carefully handled. Thanks again – your invite is in the post!”

Darragh, 32