5 Reasons why Online Dating is not the Answer


It is hard to find love in a world that is increasingly fast paced, but is resorting to online dating the solution?

Online dating has been hailed as the solution to dating for many years,which explains its surge in profits and popularity. However, those who are interested creating an account to find love should be wary of some of online dating’s many problems.

Last year, online dating fraud increased by a third

In a nine month period leading up to December 2014, online dating fraud increased by 33% when compared with the same period in 2013. This fraud cost the British public 34 million pounds, as opposed to 24.5 million pounds in 2013. In the past, online dating scams have included people pretending to be US soldiers in Iraq and people pretending to be cancer patients.

Online dating websites have been accused of sexism and ageism

Both the policies and the people involved in online dating sites have been accused of sexism and ageism by noted Washington Post journalist Caitlin Dewey. She heavily criticised the firing of Tinder’s only female co-founder and suggested that the nature of it reflected Tinder’s values, or lack of them, with regards to diversity. When it was revealed that Tinder were charging older people more for certain services, she went on to criticise not just Tinder but online dating in general for its obsession with youth.

Online journalist Alan Martin went further with his allegations of sexism and claimed that women who spend “any amount of time on OKCupid” are “likely to be indecently proposed or sent abusive messages.”

Online dating is full of clichés

Online dating is so full of meaningless or outright misleading clichés that the BBC decided to publish an article which translated the secret language of online dating clichés. Evidently, it is not enough to simply write about who you are. Using online dating means buying into a secret code.

Online dating could be ‘destroying love’

In an article for the Guardian, Stuart Jeffries asked whether online dating is “destroying love”. The article pointed out that online dating users are sometimes people who use a spreadsheet and data analysis to find “sexual encounters as perishable and sustainable as yoghurt”.

Online dating is not truthful

Two different studies claim to two different conclusions about online dating. One study claimed that a third of users presented misleading pictures in their account while another study claimed that lying, in some form or another, was almost universal on online dating sites. If one thing’s for certain, it is that a successful online dater is not an honest one.

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