5 Matchmaking Myths Uncovered


Professional matchmaking is relatively new industry, and so there are few misunderstandings about it.

Unless they have researched or experienced it themselves, most people don’t really know what professional matchmaking consists of. So here is the truth behind five popular matchmaking misconceptions.

It’s just like TV!

Fans of Kelsey Grammer’s successful sitcom will remember the matchmaker episode. Charlotte, owner of Charlotte’s Web Matchmaking, encourages Frasier to sign up to her service. After being encouraged to lie on his profile by his friend Roz, several bad dates, and watching his matchmaker break down and cry in front of him Frasier asks for his money back. Needless to say, Charlotte’s matchmaking service is absolutely terrible example….

...but you can never know the “good” from the “absolutely terrible”, right?

There are many ways to spot a good matchmaking service from a bad one. For one, a good matchmaking service won’t require its clients to lie in the way Roz encourages Frasier to. Kristi Dosh, from Woman’s Day, provides an excellent analysis of the lies that bad services will tell you and what good services will do, or won’t do, by contrast. Perfect Partners’ reputation, and legions of happy customers, are what separates them from the competition.

Why pay for online dating?

Professional matchmaking is not online dating. It does not rely on profiles, algorithms or misdirection, but on face-to-face conversations. It is a faster, safer and better way of finding your life partner.


The type of people who use matchmakers are…

There is no “typical” person using a matchmaking service. Some are mensome are womensome are young, and some are old. Love is not an exclusive club made up of a certain kind of people. Love is for everyone, and as a result matchmaking services are made up of many different kinds of people.

Romance is dead, apparently.

According to the BBC, loneliness is on the rise in England. And, while it might be tempting to simply explain this as an English trend, our increasingly busy lifestyles mean that we have less and less time for other people. Matchmaking services are not unromantic; they’re a much needed injection of romance into the 21st Century. Using a matchmaking service is a decision made with the head and with the heart because you are investing in love and investing in your future at the same time.

Don’t believe the rumours and find out for yourself what matchmaking is all about with Ireland’s premier professional matchmaking service.

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“While I haven’t found my ‘Perfect Partner’ yet I just wanted to thank you both for doing everything you have done for me so far. I’ve met some really lovely men and I have no doubt that I’m about to find my soul mate, finally, with your help. I particularly appreciate the encouragement and hope you give me and the fact that I always feel like you guys are behind me all the way. X!”

Niamh, 50

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