10 secrets of super happy couples

10 surprisingly quirky relationship tips to help you have a happy marriage or relationship

Pretend you just met - spend some time each day acting as if you just started dating. Ask him what he thought of that TV episode or share what you’d do if you won the lottery.

Nurture your friends’ relationships - because when you encourage friends to stay together (happily), you may generate reasons that also apply to yours.

Burn bras together – women whose male partner is a feminist report better relationship quality, while men with feminist partners experience more sexual satisfaction and relationship stability.

Don’t win an Oscar - a Best Actress winner is 63% more likely to have her marriage end before her category mates do.

Tweet responsibly – because research shows that avid tweeters tend to have shorter relationships (10% shorter, on average) than others.

Don’t hold a grudge – and don’t allow conflicts about one issue—say, money—to spill over into other areas of your relationship, such as how you help each other after a tough day.

Control the boozing – as any relationship will be shaken and stirred by too much alcohol, but research suggests that young adults who drink heavily are less likely to wed in the first place and may be at greater risk for early separation if they do.

Be the beauty to his beast – as coupling up with an average Joe with a beer belly may be the key to long-term love, according to a study in the Journal of Family Psychology: As when men were married to more attractive women, they seemed more likely to step up to the plate.

Limit the chick flicks – because “romantic comedies can set up unreasonable expectations, which may lead to unnecessary suffering while comparing yourselves with idealized others is a recipe for misery,” says Sean Patrick Hatt, Ph.D., a psychologist in Seattle.

Twist the sheets at least once a week – an active sex generates as much bliss as scoring an extra €30,000 in income, according to researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Warwick in England.

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