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2nd March 2020

Romance Fraud Warning

Gardaí warn  the public to be aware of romance fraud via online dating sites

28th January 2020

Why hire a matchmaker?

24th January 2020

Reasons to delete Dating Apps

The Norwegian Consumer Council has found that a number of popular dating apps have been using data supplied y users and sharing it with third-party advertisers.

As the over 50's age group is surprisingly large, and getting larger, and as they still have a lot of life to live, , so what should you do to find that special someone to share that life with.

Firstly start in the right place. Meeting new people can be daunting  and that is why using the services of an experienced professional matchmaker, is ideal. We offer a safe, supportive service for all our members as we have personally met them and spent up to 2 hours getting to know them.  We therefore know that all our membrs are genuine and that they are not just open to a relationship, but are actively  seeking one. 

Secondly age is no barrier to a loving long term relationship. One of the many advantages of age is that you will now have a clearer idea of what's importnat for you. As a result of your life experience you've gained perspective which will help you to make better decisions. Never forget that research has shown that people who are in happy relationships live longer.

Finally always remember that a loving romantic relationship can increase self-esteem and confidence, especialy if you have been feeling  you have missed out. 

Modern dating is often seen as a very intimidating and stressful experience - essentially a minefield for singles. With so many online dating sites and countless Irish singles available at our fingertips, the prospect of actually falling in love may seem like a distant prospect.

At Perfect Partners, we are a professional dating/matchmaking agency in Dublin that understands that with so many available choices out there, it can be difficult knowing whether someone is right for you. Therefore, in order to help you on your journey of love, we have put together some of the signs to look out for when you are trying to figure out your true feelings during the dating process.

     1. You can communicate effectively

Communication is incredibly important in dating, as well as long term relationships, because no matter what, every human needs to feel connected with others. When you have a problem with someone, which you have chosen not to share, this could contribute more towards the problem than you realise. It’s important to communicate in an effective manner because it is the perfect way to show your partner how happy you are with the current situation, allowing you both to avoid misunderstandings that may cause hurt, anger, resentment or confusion.

      2. You love spending time together

When you have found the person you want to be with through our dating/matchmaking services in Dublin, you will not be able to get enough of them. This is a very important feeling to have, as you are potentially going to be spending a lot of time together. However, couples who like each other on paper, but don't actually like spending time together, are not going to last long-term. If you know that no matter how great your day might be going, your special person would make it better, that someone is right for you.

     3. You want the same things

 Despite the high amount chemistry you may have with this person, if there is no cohesion between your goals or ambitions, a long term relationship is just not going to work. Many people choose to ignore these signals, with the hope that the person may change or the situation can be dealt with later. However, this partnership only has the potential to go the distance if you can see yourself supporting this person’s wishes and aspirations, with them supporting yours.


     4. They fit into your life

One of the most important signs to look out for, when deciding if someone is right for you, is if you can imagine that person fitting into other parts of your life. For example, it does not matter how much you like this individual, if you do not socialise well with their kids, friends, or parents, this may be a warning sign of potential problems to come. The right person for you will be someone you know you want and need, complementing your personality and expectations - adding value to your life.

     5. You don’t have to hide any parts of yourself

There should be no need to have to diminish any of your personal values and vice versa. This may include your likes, dislikes, hobbies and future aspirations, allowing you to be real and authentic with them. You should never want to change them, and they shouldn’t want to change you, having a level of mutual appreciation, respect and understanding.

About Perfect Partners

As the leading dating/matchmaking agency in Dublin offering the very best matchmaking services our dating/matchmaking services are for singles who are serious about seeking a long-lasting companionship and finding love.

To understand our matchmaking services in more detail, contact Sharon or Bill who can help you on your quest to find love. You can also give us a call on 01 2896422, or complete the contact form on our website. Include all your relevant information and someone will get back to you to discuss how we can best meet your requirements.

If you have been single for years, recently out of a relationship, or just feeling lonely and lovelorn, we understand that trying to find a new partner is not always an easy task. As the leading dating/matchmaking agency in Dublin we have extensive experience in the world of relationships. To allow you to understand and appreciate the right process of finding love, we have put together some tips to help put you on the path to finding a loving relationship that lasts.

Know what you want

Knowing exactly what you want out of a relationship is very difficult, but it is always best to be honest with yourself and find ways to be consistent with your intentions. Take the time to reflect on your core values and find someone who will complement you. With our matchmaking services in Dublin, we can arrange an informal chat with you to talk about your previous experiences and where you would like to go - trying to find where your partner might fit into your plans for the future.

More than anything, distinguish between exactly what you want and what you need in a partner.  If you find someone who shares the same beliefs as you, it can lead to a much healthier relationship, as you would both cherish and want the same things in life.

Be more open  

Here at Perfect Partners, many clients come to Sharon and Bill with a particular mental image of a partner in mind. However, if you are looking to fall in love you need to understand that no one is perfect and having flaws is what makes us human. With our matchmaking agency services in Dublin, we will concentrate on the heart of what our clients are specifically looking for, but not focusing exclusively on specific factors alone.

Often, online dating sites encourage this ‘picky’ behaviour of finding perfect matches, as they provide users with the false illusion of there being limitless singles just a swipe away. When meeting individuals, you need to be interested in connecting with people and cultivating knowledge and building relationships that are going to last.

Learn to be a better dater

Dating can be very intimidating, which is why it is important not to put so much pressure on yourself and let us help you. We are a professional matchmaking agency in Dublin who will tell you more about what to expect on your journey to finding your perfect partner, helping you to understand your emotions and not be confused by them.

Have fun

Instead of scouring dating sites or hanging out in random bars for the sake of it, make having fun your primary focus when attending blind dates, as you will be meeting new people who share similar interests and values.

How can Perfect Partners help you?

We are a leading matchmaking agency in Dublin that can offer you a truly authentic dating/matchmaking service, exploring any possible matches that meet what you are looking for in a new partner. This includes factors such as race, religion, gender, personality, education, hobbies, interests, values, children, and much more. We will talk with you in person about your past, your interests and your requirements from a future partner, and if we think that we can help, we will invite you to become a member.

If you would like some more information about our dating/matchmaking agency services, please feel free to call us on 01 2896422, or complete the contact form on our website - where Bill and Sharon will get back to you as soon as possible.

10th April 2019

Matchmaker Dublin

Are you struggling to find love and looking for an excellent matchmaker in Dublin? Welcome to Perfect Partners, one of Ireland’s most reputable dating agencies with over 11 years of experience when it comes to arranging successful introductions. We appreciate how difficult it may be for you to enter the dating world, which is why we offer a fully supportive service for the most competitive prices in the industry. We are incredibly dedicated to all the work we do and have a wealth of experience in our field of work - so you know we are the establishment you need to contact today.

Here at Perfect Partners, our matchmakers in Dublin would be more than happy to help you in your quest to find love. When you come to us, we will initially meet you for a coffee for an informal chat. During this time we will try to get a greater understanding of you as a person and will discuss any specific requirements you may have when looking for a partner. We will inform you as to what to expect from us, and if we think that we can help, we will invite you to become a member with us.

Our matchmaker services in Dublin are fully comprehensive, so you can rest assured that you will not meet any time wasters or serial daters. Everyone we see is put through tests and is questioned accordingly to ensure that they are honest and genuine about their pursuit for the perfect partner. We will make sure to pair you with people who have similar interests, hobbies and who meets all of your specific requirements such as culture, gender, age, education, religion, and much more.

Having a professional matchmaker in Dublin who can help you with finding your soulmate is extremely beneficial as we will weed out the undesirable types you may not want to meet and will also cut the nonsense you usually encounter through online dating sites such as Tinder and PlentyOfFish. Our services are highly popular with people re-entering the dating scene and for people who are too busy to search for the perfect partner themselves.

To speak with a member of our team about our fantastic matchmaker services in Dublin, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01 2896422. We are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding our services, and will be more than happy to arrange your initial consultation. Alternatively, send us an email with your contact details and query to info@perfectpartners.ie and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

21st February 2019

Over 40s Dating Agency Ireland

Have you been searching for an over 40s dating agency in Ireland? Welcome to Perfect Partners, Dublin’s premier dating and matchmaking agency. We have been running for a number of years and have provided our incredible services to hundreds of singles looking to find their soulmate. With over 11 years of experience in the matchmaking business, we are able to filter out the time wasters and match you with better suitors. If you would like to enquire with our agency, please do not hesitate to send us a message today.

If you are looking for an over 40s dating agency in Ireland, you will be pleased to know that we have members of all ages from their mid 20s through to their late 70s. Whether you are single, divorced or widowed, our unique service is suitable for anyone looking to strike up a long-lasting relationship with another single. Our service is completely off-line and is carried out face-to-face, so you know that you will be meeting others who are serious about dating, and who meet all of your specific requirements. 

At our over 40s dating agency in Ireland, we will be more than happy to arrange an initial consultation where we will meet you for coffee and have an informal chat about what you want to gain from using our services. We will talk about your past, your interests and your requirements from a future partner, and if we think that we can help, we will invite you to become a member.

Our over 40s dating agency in Ireland is suitable if you are re-entering the dating scene, have had trouble finding someone, or if you want to enjoy dating without experiencing any ‘dating disasters’. With all of our clients, we provide a pre-screening service to help make sure that the singles are real and we focus on relationship minded singles to ensure your compatibility. We even make sure to keep in your guidelines regarding height, age, gender, culture, education, job, children, and anything else you can think of. Just head to our website for more information on how we work.

To enquire with a member of our fantastic team at our over 40s dating agency in Ireland, please do not hesitate to get in touch today by filling out the contact form found on our website. Simply fill out the required fields, making sure to leave your contact details and query. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Are you looking for someone to spend your life with? Are you searching for a matchmaker in Dublin? Welcome to Perfect Partners, one of Ireland’s leading dating agencies. We offer a superior personal service with complete privacy and confidentiality. Whether you enjoy the company of men, women or even both, we will be able to filter out the time-wasters and arrange viable dates which are likely to have a successful outcome for you; making us the most unique, successful and most qualified agency in Dublin. Just fill in the contact form found on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Here at Perfect Partners, we are experienced matchmakers who have been through the matchmaking process ourselves. We aim for all of our clients to find the perfect life partner and have fun too. Whether you are re-entering the dating scene or have had no success, we can handle all aspect of matchmaking so that you don’t have to. We put all of our clients through a screening to ensure that there are no time-wasters and that you will be meeting with someone who meets all of your criteria.

As a leading matchmaker in Dublin, we will help you to find the perfect partner by arranging to meet you for a coffee. This is not an interview, but a chance to find out more about what you are looking for such as life experiences, ethnicity, age, gender, aesthetics, education, children, and much more. We will encourage you to tell us about your hopes and dreams, and where your partner will fit into your future. This is a free service we provide as we are dedicated to providing our clients with a completely tailored experience when using our dating agency; making us the best matchmaker in Dublin.

If you are looking to find your perfect partner, we will talk to you and explore possible matches and will arrange a casual and discreet first date at a venue of your choice. With our membership subscription you will receive a personal interview, a personal matchmaker, profile assessment, freeze facility and 4 personal introductions.

To enquire with our exceptional matchmaker in Dublin please send us a message by filling out the contact form on our website. Make sure to fill in the required fields as detailed as you can, and we will make sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

21st December 2018

Irish Dating Service

Are you searching online for an Irish dating service?

If the answer to that question is yes, then Perfect Partners is the company you need to get in touch with. We are a superior matchmaking agency offering a truly authentic and personalised service. Whether you are single, divorced, old, young or even widowed, we are able to help you on your journey to finding your life partner. For more information on how we work as a leading Irish dating service, please head to our website.

If you have been looking for a reliable Irish dating service, you will be pleased to know that at Perfect Partners we take great care when taking on clients, so you know that you will not be dating any time wasters. Before putting you forward for a first date, we will arrange to meet you for a coffee. During this meeting, we will aim to put you at ease with the process and take the time to get to know your interests and desires and what you look for in a partner. We will discuss your previous experiences and where you would like to move forward with your love life, and if we think that we can help you will be invited to become a member.

At our Irish dating service, we will explore any possible matches and will make sure that we have found your perfect match. When looking for your partner, we will take your needs and wants into mind such as race, religion, gender, personality, education, hobbies, interests, values, children, and much more. This way you will be going on more successful dates and won’t have to worry about meeting someone you feel unsafe with either.

If you would like to enquire with us about our Irish dating service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01 2896422. Alternatively, please send us an email with your contact details and query to info@perfectpartners.ie, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Are you looking to find love? Have you been searching for a dating agency in Dublin? Welcome to Perfect Partners, a premier dating and matchmaking agency based in Dublin, offering a premium service with complete confidentiality and privacy. With our bespoke services, you can rely on us to find your perfect match. Just get in touch with a member of our team today to arrange an initial consultation.

Here at our dating agency in Dublin, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with a fantastic service that ensures that they meet people most suited to their wishes and requirements. We have thousands of successful introductions to date, and we are proud to be the only dating agency in Dublin that meets everybody collectively and spends up to 2 hours getting to know you before arranging a suitable date. We also provide a pre-screening test to ensure all singles are real, and we focus on relationship minded singles to ensure that your time or money will not be wasted.

As a leading dating agency in Dublin, we offer a completely unique service and we make sure that every introduction arranged, meets your needs for age, religion, height, weight, children, culture, values, education, hobbies, interests and much more. We are extremely focussed on the relationship goals of our members, and we are always on hand to guide them at all times throughout the dating process.

To enquire with our dating agency in Dublin, please give us a call on 01 2896422 and speak to our fantastic team. Alternatively, send us an email to info@perfectpartners.ie with your enquiry, requirements and contact details, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Some 37% of the scams , when a victim is convinced to make a payment to someone they believe they are in a relationship with after meeting on an online dating site , result in losses in excess of £5000 , with those aged between 45 and 64 the most likely victims, according to a poll commissioned by Barclays Bank. The bank said that this age group now represented more than half (55%) of all reported instances of dating scams.People looking for love on online dating apps have been warned to be very careful. Barclay's top tips for preventing dating scams are :

24th September 2018

How to choose your Matchmaker

The following tips will help you select the right matchmaker to ensure a successful experience.

It's really hard to find true love in a world that is increasingly fast paced but is resorting to online dating the best solution.

Perfect Partners is an exclusive introduction service  catering for unattached professionals .It is not an online dating service. So what do we do?

7th March 2018

Why a Matchmaker?

Before we begin telling you why one should consider a professional matchmaker , let me begin by explaining why matchmaking isn't for all singles.

5th March 2018


12th February 2018

Online dating v Offline dating

Which method is better? Is online dating versus meeting someone offline best to find the perfect date or someone to sp[end the rest of your life with.

7th February 2018

Online Dating Pitfalls

Dating websites may warp a person's outlook and expectations

13th February 2017

Blog entry


24th November 2015

Matchmaking Service



13th November 2015

Ireland’s Perfect Matchmaker


Are you sick and tired of the traditional dating scene in Ireland?

  • Are you fed up of waiting for Mr or Ms Right to arrive at your doorstep?
  • Are you looking for someone special to spend those cold winter nights with?



If you answered yes to these questions, you need the help of Ireland’s perfect matchmaker.

13th November 2015

Dating Agency



Love is a thing that many people expect to just happen. You just wake up one day and BAM you’re in love- but with that theory comes an element of chance, a certain aspect of “right place, right time”. Which leads us to believe that these people who believe that love just happens to you without your knowing, did not expect it to happen. They did not have a feeling of certainty.

28th October 2015

Irish Matchmaker


“Life is a flower of which love is the honey” ~Victor Hugo There is an estimated 7.1 billion people on this planet, and out of that horde of individuals, 46% are looking for that one other person that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Easy. Not exactly, although the maths are in your favour, it has never been harder to find ‘the one’ and with stories of ‘childhood sweetheart’ filling our timelines, it seems like there is no hope.

28th October 2015

Find Love in Ireland


Unlucky in love?

Have you tried everything and still cannot find that perfect partner? Are you looking for a committed, long-term relationship? If you answered YES to these questions, you are not alone! 

Or we do find someone and shortly after we realise that they are just not right for us, they don’t share the same likes and then we have to start all over again.

Tips on what not to do at the start of a new relationship:

  1. Don’t focus too much on the future, take it one step at a time.
  2. Don’t question every little thing.
  3. Don’t over analyse things.
  4. Don’t assume you are official before you actually are.
  5. Don’t act like your life revolves around them.



Are you at the point in your life when you want to find that special someone to share those cold nights with? Well you're not the only one! At Perfect Partners, there are thousands of singles across Ireland who have decided to put finding love into their own hands and start dating in Dublin.

I bet you are wondering how you go about finding the right person to take to that nice restaurant or bar you’ve been meaning to go to. Well Perfect Partners is the only answer.


Matchmaking in Ireland’s capital is made a lot easier with so many great places for the perfect date

Dating your perfect partner is the best part of signing up to a matchmaking service, and Dublin is one of the best places to do it. The city has so much to offer that it’s hard to know where to start, so here’s our guide.

Matchmaking is a Walk in the Park

Phoenix Park is a chance to get back to nature. A great place for a picnic with your date, this park is home to some of Dublin’s best greenery. The Emerald Isle is famous for its lush grass, and even in the nation’s busy capital this is still true.


As Dublin’s leading professional matchmaking service, we at Perfect Partners have our own view on Channel 4’s latest offering

The premise of Married at First Sight is that two people who have just met can get married, but we at Perfect Partners disagree. The idea is that, after a series of questionnaires, a panel of people can create six potential matches out of 1,500 applicants. The producers then arrange for the couple to get married, and they bride and groom meet each other for the first time at the altar. Despite what they claim, Channel 4 have not found the secret to love.


For Dublin’s best matchmakers, the matchmaking process involves listening, understanding, and paying attention to details.

Matchmaking is a system that has worked many times because of its straightforwardness. There are no hidden complexities and no tricks, just kind, informative, and intelligent people who know how to find your Perfect Partner. To show you how uncomplicated but effective the process is, here is a step by step guide.

Step One: Initial Meetings

We meet up and we talk. For some matchmaking services, this is a brisk one-on-one conversation that happens once and can be capped at half an hour. For us, this could be one of many conversations lasting two hours if necessary, and we make a point of having two matchmakers attend each meeting. We also don’t charge for the initial meeting. We want you to feel relaxed, not pressured into anything, so that you can reveal your true self to us. On this trust, we hope to move forward.


Professional matchmaking is relatively new industry, and so there are few misunderstandings about it.

Unless they have researched or experienced it themselves, most people don’t really know what professional matchmaking consists of. So here is the truth behind five popular matchmaking misconceptions.

It’s just like TV!

Fans of Kelsey Grammer’s successful sitcom will remember the matchmaker episode. Charlotte, owner of Charlotte’s Web Matchmaking, encourages Frasier to sign up to her service. After being encouraged to lie on his profile by his friend Roz, several bad dates, and watching his matchmaker break down and cry in front of him Frasier asks for his money back. Needless to say, Charlotte’s matchmaking service is absolutely terrible example….


dublin matchmaking service

Browsing through profiles and shaking hands with your own personal cupid are two very different services.

The dating industry has been on the rise for many years, and since the shady beginnings of the first online dating site 20 years ago, it has now developed to a point where there is a clear difference between online dating websites and bespoke professional matchmaking.


It is hard to find love in a world that is increasingly fast paced, but is resorting to online dating the solution?

Online dating has been hailed as the solution to dating for many years,which explains its surge in profits and popularity. However, those who are interested creating an account to find love should be wary of some of online dating’s many problems.

Last year, online dating fraud increased by a third

In a nine month period leading up to December 2014, online dating fraud increased by 33% when compared with the same period in 2013. This fraud cost the British public 34 million pounds, as opposed to 24.5 million pounds in 2013. In the past, online dating scams have included people pretending to be US soldiers in Iraq and people pretending to be cancer patients.

Online dating websites have been accused of sexism and ageism

Both the policies and the people involved in online dating sites have been accused of sexism and ageism by noted Washington Post journalist Caitlin Dewey. She heavily criticised the firing of Tinder’s only female co-founder and suggested that the nature of it reflected Tinder’s values, or lack of them, with regards to diversity. When it was revealed that Tinder were charging older people more for certain services, she went on to criticise not just Tinder but online dating in general for its obsession with youth.

Online journalist Alan Martin went further with his allegations of sexism and claimed that women who spend “any amount of time on OKCupid” are “likely to be indecently proposed or sent abusive messages.”

Online dating is full of clichés

Online dating is so full of meaningless or outright misleading clichés that the BBC decided to publish an article which translated the secret language of online dating clichés. Evidently, it is not enough to simply write about who you are. Using online dating means buying into a secret code.


A relationship is a complicated thing, and so the secret to finding a happy relationship is often shrouded in misinformation.

The truth is that a happy relationship requires hard-work and commitment. Yet, many people don’t want to hear this and as a result many myths about happy relationships still exist. Be sure to look out for these tall tales about love.

23rd April 2015

Dating Rules for Men

1. Look your best. Get some decent clothes and shoes.If you can't take care of yourself , how are you going to take care of her.

26th March 2015

Online Dating does not work

A study of more than 4000 couples carried out by Michigan State University found that relationships were far more stable…

16th February 2015

TDs trust matchmakers

Just before Christmas one lonely-hearted TD enlisted the help of a matchmaker to help find the love of his life.

14th February 2015

The end of digital dating?

There is a definite drift, at the upper end of the market, away from online to offline dating. 

10 surprisingly quirky relationship tips to help you have a happy marriage or relationship

A man who knows how to fix things is considered an ideal partner by Irish women.

Instead of dating sites, some singles are turning to modern matchmakers in hopes of finding real connections.

Perhaps an industrial secret, here are a list of her first-date tests, and how you can pass them.

7th February 2015

The problem with online dating

People who shop for people online are in a specific mental state. And it’s not a good one.

Much more about entertainment than meeting your soul mate, Lisdoonvarna still represents an ancient Irish art.

Of course, there’s a matchmaker who can help you. But it will cost you…

Here’s how you know when you have a potential game changer guy on your hands

“I was anxious, and I admit very skeptical, about joining PerfectPartners and perhaps meeting someone new, particularly as I have (a daughter) Jessica to consider but you did it. I don’t know how you realised it, but Paul is perfect for me. We spend a lot of time together and never seem to stop talking! Jessica really likes him too so thanks a million Bill.”

Andrea, 35

  Membership Subscription

  • Personal interview (60-90 minutes)
  • Personal matchmaker
  • 4 personal introductions