— How we work —

Here’s how we find your perfect partner.

When you call us, we will arrange to meet you for a coffee,an informal chat during which we will tell you all about us and how our process works.

We then answer any questions you may have and tell you  about what to expect on your journey to finding your perfect partner.

If we think we can help, we will invite you to become a member. If you decide to accept  then we will  talk in depth about the following: 

* Family background

*Educational background

*Hobbies & Interests

*Music , sport, travel  etc.

*Personal values and morals

*Previous relationships and relationship deal-breakers

 We’ll encourage you to tell us about your hopes and dreams and where your partner might fit into your plans for the future. In essence this is all about you.

So the next step is for us to explore possible matches.

When we are sure we have a good match, we’ll talk to you both and tell you all about him/her and answer any questions you may have about the person.

Introductions are NOT  compulsory so please do not accept unless you are very comfortable.

Should you be happy to accept   please arrange to meet him/her for a no pressure coffee and a relaxed " getting to know you "chat. 

The following day call us to let us know  how it went.  In fact we will always be there for you during your search to find your perfect partner, with advice and support. 

If the first introduction does not work out, we’ll try again and  you know you can trust us to  keep trying until you have found your perfect partner.

“As you know, I had been very reluctant to get back out into the dating world following the break-up of my marriage. But I can honestly say that you made it exciting and really very enjoyable. I couldn’t wait to meet the people you thought I might like (and you were always right) and I began to look forward to the adventure and the romance (which didn’t always happen but I had fun). Now I have found Mary and I’m very grateful to you for that.”

Jonathan, 41

  Membership Subscription

  • Personal interview (60-90 minutes)
  • Personal matchmaker
  • 4 personal introductions


— CONTACT US —­­­­

Ok, let’s find your perfect partner.

EVERY JOURNEY no matter how short, long, easy or daunting starts with a first step.
So  take the first step and contact us and let's meet for coffee and a free of charge consultation.

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